Zenkai Series 8 Booster Box - Dragon Ball Super MASTERS TCG (Pre-Order)

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Please note! This product is a preorder. It will be available Jul 19, 2024. All items in the same order will be held until this product officially releases.
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** "Regular Dragon Ball Super Card Game has been renamed to MASTERS, not to be confused with the NEW  Fusion World cards (different game, cards don't work together) **

❶ 7th Anniversary gorgeous campaign!

To celebrate the 7th anniversary, we are going to run two gorgeous campaigns!

➀ 7 limited edition cards for the 7th anniversary will be available!

➁ 4 SCRs only available in this set!


Although the GDRs are well-known for their low inclusion rate, this time, two types of GDRs are included!

And one of the two types comes in a special 7th anniversary edition!

❸ Numerous popular characters with new Alt-art!

SLR (Special Leader Rare), which appeared in the previous set, is also included in this set!

Enjoy the gorgeous leader cards featuring many popular characters!

❹ New Z-Unison enhanced!

The new "Z-Unison" from the previous set will be enhanced!

Expanding the Z-Unison so that it can be used in a wider range of situations, expanding the scope of Z-Deck's play!


• Common × 60 (normal/holo ver.)

• Uncommon × 30 (normal/holo ver.)

• Rare × 29 (normal/holo ver.)

• Super Rare × 18

• Special Rare × 14

• Special Leader Rare × 9

• Campaign Rare × 7

• Secret Rare × 4

• God Rare × 2

• *173 types total