About Brimstone

Welcome to Brimstone Games! We are a local gaming store based in Windsor, Ontario. We provide board games, collectibles, trading cards, sports cards, modelling supplies, play space and more! For 10 years we have worked tirelessly to bring quality hobby goods to our community and offer free play space to hold tournaments and leagues.


Brimstone Games first opened in 2011 in McGregor, Ontario. Since then, we’ve expanded continually thanks to our loyal customers and our great staff members. In 2013 we made the move from McGregor to Windsor, where we were able to bring games and collectibles to more of the community. In 2016 we moved again to a larger location to offer more store and play space! Our current location houses nearly 4000 different products and has over 1500 square feet of free play space.


Brimstone Games is proudly owned by Sean and Danielle Mangin, who each have over 20 years of industry experience in tabletop gaming and sports card collecting. As our company has expanded, we have been able to add new positions to our team. Today Brimstone Games proudly employs 8 skilled staff members, who are gamers and collectors in their own right!


At Brimstone Games, we take pride in offering quality customer service and a unique experience that only our knowledgeable staff can provide. We look forward to helping you expand your collections, rekindle an old hobby or learn a new game! Reach out to us through phone, e-mail or Facebook.