Welcome to Your Perfect Home Collector Edition

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Welcome to... Collector Edition is the definitive version of the eponymous game.
It includes all the released expansion sets (a total of 7 different maps).

And that's not all!
In addition, you will enjoy:
- a complete reworking of the classic game, fast-paced and interactive,
- a brand new expansion named "Roswell": risk-taking mechanics in a story about aliens and flying saucers,
- a rethemed expansion, previously exclusive to France: "American Dream",
- a "Quack" expansion: a quirky game about lost ducks in a neighborhood, previously offered as a PNP during the lockdowns,
- 35 new cards for increased replayability.

All in glorious dry-erase form for higher quality feel with 6 dry erase markers and 6 eraser pads, plus a 6-space tray for easy storage.

Welcome to.. Collector Edition contains also 6 alternate versions of the classic Welcome to... sheet, completely re-imagined and illustrated by world renowned artists: Christine Alcouffe, Maud Chalmel, Vincent Dutrait, Ryan Goldsberry, Weberson Santiago, and Beth Sobel.