Lord of the Rings Tales of Middle Earth Commander Deck - Magic: The Gathering

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Lord of the Rings Commander Decks – Contents

There will be four different LotR Commander decks. Each of them contains:

  • 2 foil cards (main and secondary commander)
  • 98 non-foil cards (with the previous two cards, this makes a 100-card ready-to-play deck)
  • A 2-card Collector Sample Pack
  • 1 foil-etched Display commander (a thicker card, not for tournament play)
  • 10 double-sided tokens
  • 1 life tracker
  • 1 cardboard deck box
  • Helper, reference card, and a strategy insert

Out of the hundred cards in the deck, 20 will be brand-new cards. The rest of the cards will be reprints. However, all cards in the deck will be LotR themed.