Legends Card Centering Tool

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The card grading centering tool is essential for all collectors in the sports card trading hobby! You can determine whether the card is worthy of grading based on the centering and condition of the card. Our easy to use ratio scale will help you determine if you want to send in your card to PSA or BGS! Centering isn't the only factor that determines a grade, but it is one of the most important! Our safe and soft cleaning cloth will also help you wipe your cards down before using the tool or submitting for grading so that you don't have to worry about dust or scratches when using the tool.

To use our tool please follow the instructions below after removing the protective paper on the tool.

  1. Wipe and remove all dust particles from the card. Place card in soft protective card sleeve
  2. Place card below card grading tool and line up the thickest border with the outside edges of the cards. Works best with standard size 2.5x3.5" trading/sports cards.
  3. Pick the line on the card you wish to center and get the number for that line on the left and right side of the card. Generally we are looking for above 60/40 to qualify for perfect centering. Our tool shows you what percentages you are looking for based on the number of the card and highlights them in red!