Donruss Clearly Basketball 2019-20

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2019-20 Clearly Donruss Basketball Base / Inserts

As no hits are expected in the average 20-card box of 2019-20 Clearly Donruss Basketball, the base cards, parallels and inserts do nearly all of the heavy lifting.

Collectors can find the base set and Rated Rookie lineup printed on acetate. There are multiple parallels to chase, as well, including Platinum and Holo Gold.

2019-20 Clearly Donruss Basketball Cards 3

Per Panini, Holo Mosaic editions are extremely rare.

2019-20 Clearly Donruss Basketball Cards 4

Donruss inserts also get the acetate treatment. Combining to fall one per box, the insert selection offers Clearly Donruss versions of All Clear for Takeoff, Defying Gravity, My House, Star Gazing and The Rookies. Like the base set, these feature parallels.

2019-20 Clearly Donruss Basketball Cards 52019-20 Clearly Donruss Basketball Cards 6