Dogs Dice Set Bubbles

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Puppy Eyes. You look into the dog's eyes and see pure devotion. These dice are just as transparent as puppies' hearts filled with unconditional love, and the copper engravings simply reflect their eyes fixed on their hooman. The design shows dogs in various poses on the highest faces, and their favorite toys accompany the makeshift-like font of digits. These goodest bois will often crit for you!

+If you are a dog lover, or not, then these are your dice. Add some puppy love to your roleplaying game with numbers, fur and four paws.


  • 1 Rounded d4
  • 1 D6
  • 1 D8
  • 1 D10
  • 1 D12
  • 1 D20

The design, apart from makeshift-looking digits, shows tennis balls, chew bones, sticks, old shoes, and paw prints on the dice faces.