Do or Drink - Big Drunk Energy (White Box)

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  • ◼️ THE GAME You Might Not Have Big Drunk Energy When You Start The Game, But If You Play Your Cards Right, You’ll Definitely Have It When You're Done. Each Card Provides A Unique Way To Embarrass Yourself In Public – But It Also Gets You One Step Closer To Free Drinks.
  • 👋 HOW TO PLAY We Filled A Deck Of Cards With Some Of The Most Embarrassing Challenges One Can (Legally) Do In Public. We Stacked The Deck With Piggyback Rides, Rap Battles, Paper Airplane Contests And Even Some Wholesome Yodeling. Oh, And You Must Have All Of These Odd Interactions With Complete Strangers. You Better Find Your BDE Fast, Because This Is The Game Where The Weak Pay For Drinks And The Bold Are Rewarded With Free Booze. Here’s To The Bar Nights You’ll Hope You Won’t Remember.
  • 🂡 SAMPLE CARDS Get A Stranger To Say The Word "Pineapple" Without Spelling It Out, Saying It, Or Showing It To Them. You Have 5 Minutes.🍍
  • 😛 PERFECT FOR PARTIES AND GAME NIGHTS - It’s The Most Fun And Savage Party Game. Awesome Board Card Game To Play With Friends, Office Party, Dinner, Parties, Etc