DND Icons: The Yawning Portal Inn Friendly Faces

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Bring some familiar names and characters into your encounters with D&D Icons of the Realms: The Yawning Portal Inn- Friendly Faces. Your campaign will come to life with notable citizens of Waterdeep, like Volothamp “Volo” Geddarm and Jalester Silvermane! With seven friendly faces included in this set, everyone will be immersed in game night in no time!


This set includes*:

  • Bonnie, (1)
  • Mattrim “Threestrings” Mereg, (1)
  • Jalester Silvermane, (1)
  • Meloon Wardragon, (1)
  • Obaya Uday, (1)
  • Yagra Stonefist, (1)
  • Volothamp “Volo” Geddarm, (1)