Blast Ace Booster Pack - Digimon TCG

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❶ A new game mechanic: ACE – featuring popular Digimon Adventure characters

Four popular Digimon from the Digimon Adventure series will feature cards with the new ACE game mechanic. Players can build their deck around four Digimon ACE cards. This combination of popular Digimon characters and the new mechanic will appeal to new, returning, and current players. New characters from the brand-new Digimon Seekers multimedia project are also included!

❷ Includes additional TWO Box toppers themed around survey responses or competitive play

One box topper pack incorporates survey responses from both English ver. players and Japanese ver. players, encouraging purchases from English speaking regions. That’s not all, it will come with a second Box Topper this time! This second box topper includes cards that are all essential for competitive players! We’re sure all players will want to get these!

❸ International-first illustrations from artists well-known in the West

For high-rarity cards, artists active in the West, such as comic book cover artists will be used! The art will provide a unique appeal not seen in Japan.

❹ New alt-art card that is as rare as White Omnimon/Black Alphamon is included exclusively in BT14 for the English release!

The new alt-art card will be as rare as White Omnimon and Black Alphamon, and will be given an English-language release exclusively in BT14. It will be a specially selected from rare card types to draw in collectors.


• Common ×40

• Uncommon ×26

• Rare ×22

• Super Rare ×14

• Secret Rare ×2

• 104 card types

*Also includes alternate art and/or design cards from the above types.