Army Painter - Speedpaint Most Wanted 2.0 Set

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    • The Most Wanted Paint Set includes all the original 24 Speedpaint colours that were found in the Original Speedpaint Mega Paint Set reformulated for superior speed and performance.

      Using an innovative resin medium that flows perfectly over your miniatures, Speedpaints create an unparalleled painting solution to help you get more time for gaming.

      • New formula
      • 13 New colours
      • Industry-first one-coat Speedpaint metallics
      • Developed with feedback from the Hobby Community

      Pre-loaded Mixing Balls

      All Speedpaints come with two high-grade, rust-proof stainless steel Mixing Balls already loaded in the bottle, making it easier for you to get the perfect consistency.

      Before using Speedpaints, we recommend priming your miniatures with Colour Primer Matt White, Colour Primer Brainmatter Beigeor Colour Primer Ash Grey to achieve your most vibrant results. However, you can also experiment with other Colour Primes like Necrotic Flesh, Skeleton Bone, or Gun Metal etc. to achieve other cool effects. 

      TIP: Use A Hard Palette

      A hard palette is recommended for Speedpaint. If you use our Wet Palette, there’s a chance that the Speedpaint will bleed through the Hydro Sheet and stain your Hydro Foam. 

      How to use:

      1. Shake the bottle thoroughly to mix your paints 
      2. Load your brush and apply a generous layer, one coat should do it, allowing the paint to flow into the recesses


      • 24 x 18ml Speedpaint™
        • 21 Speedpaint Colours 
        • 2 Speedpaint Metallics 
        • 1 Speedpaint Medium 
      • FREE Brush
      • Painting Guide