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Each 2021-22 Upper Deck Ice Hockey Hobby Box contains 12 packs (plus 1 bonus pack) with 6 cards in each pack!

BOX BREAK (on average)

  • 12 Base Set Rookies Cards
  • 12 Base Set & Base Set Rookies Green Parallel Cards
  • 3 Base Set & Base Set Rookies Orange & Lavender Parallel Cards
  • 3 Regular Ice Crystals Cards Includes Rookies
  • At Least 2 Ice Premieres Cards Includes Parallels
  • 1 Sub Zero Card
  • At Least 1 Autograph, Memorabilia and/or Frozen In Ice Card


1 2020-21 Hobby Exclusive 5-Card Bonus Pack:

  • Regular Base Set (3:1)
  • Regular Base Set Parallel (1:1)
  • Ice Premieres (1:1)


  • An Abundance of Hobby Exclusive Content, Including a 5-Card 2020-21 Bonus Pack
  • All Autographs are Hard-Signed
  • 2020-21 & 2021-22 Ice Premieres Rookie Acetate Cards, all Serially-#’d
  • 2020-21 & 2021-22 Exquisite Collection Cards, all Serially-#’d and Hobby Exclusive
  • 19 1-of-1 Gold or Black Parallel Sets, all Hobby Exclusive
  • 3 New Insert Sets, Including Frozen In Ice Rip Cards
  • Expanded Base Set

Hobby Exclusive Bonus Pack! Every box includes a five-card bonus pack. Each bonus pack contains, on average, three 2020-21 base set cards (veterans & rookies), one 2020-21 base set parallel, and one 2020-21 Ice Premieres rookie acetate card! See the “Product Breakdown” section below for a complete list of the cards available via the bonus pack.

Expanded Base Set! Collect the complete 250-card base set consisting of 100 veterans, 50 regular rookies and 100 serially-#’d (as low as 99) Ice Premieres acetate rookies.

Collect up to 10 incredible parallels of the regular base set cards, highlighted by the Royal Blue (#’d to 99), Red Auto (#’d to 5), Gold Patch (#’d to 15 or 25) and Black (#’d 1-of-1) parallels, all of which are Hobby exclusive.

Also collect up to four serially-#’d and Hobby-exclusive Ice Premieres parallels, including the coveted Gold (#’d to 25) and Black (#’d 1-of-1) parallels.

Every box contains, on average, 12 Base Set Rookies cards and at least two Ice Premieres rookie acetate cards (including parallels), among others!

The popular Sub Zero Stars, Sub Zero Rookies and Sub Zero Rookies Variants cards are back, including low-#’d Gold parallels of the stars and non-variant rookies. Collect one of these cards per box, on average.

Keep an eye out for rare Blue Auto parallels of the non-variant rookies, as well as Green Auto parallels of the rookie variants that are #’d to just 25.

  • All Sub Zero cards are Hobby exclusive!

New Inserts! 2021-22 Upper Ice sports a bevy of incredible insert sets, including three brand new sets:

Frozen In Ice: This a top veteran and rookie rip-card set, with each card hosting an Ice Premieres Mini rookie acetate card! Look for low-#’d Gold and Black parallels of both Hobby exclusive sets.

Ice Crystals: This is a die-cut set featuring top veterans and rookies. Keep an eye out for Hobby exclusive Orange (#’d to 99) and Yellow (#’d to 10) parallels. Collect three Ice Crystals cards per box, on average.

Shrines: This new insert is comprised of three subsets: Stars, Rookies and Legends. Each card features an acetate bottom layer and a rainbow foilboard top layer, and a facsimile signature.

Collect a wide variety of 2020-21 and 2021-22 Exquisite Collection™ cards, including Rookies, Rookie Signatures, 03-04 Rookie Auto Patch, 09-10 Rookie Auto and Material Signatures (2021-22 only). Look for low-#’d Gold and 1-of-1 Black parallels of each 2021-22 set, and low-#’d Gold (all) and Black (Rookies only) parallels of the 2020-21 sets. All Exquisite Collection™ cards are serially-#’d and Hobby exclusive.

More Acetate Cards! Looking for more acetate cards, including autographed and/or memorabilia versions? Keep an eye out for Glacial Graphs, Ice Premieres Auto, Ice Premieres Auto Patch (both 2020-21 and 2021-22 versions!), Ice Premieres Retro and Signature Swatches insert cards! See the “Product Breakdown” section below for available parallels.