Brimstone Breaks MTG Entry

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Tuesday April 23rd at 5 PM EST.

To get in on the break we will have an entry fee set up on our website under "Brimstone Breaks Entry" 🛒

This break will be $53.10 plus tax per spot, that will make it $59.99 taxes in.

In this break we will be doing a Magic: The Gathering INNER case of Double Masters VIP Edition

Magic Breaks will only have a total of 8 spots – as we will be randomly assigning colours.
The Colours will be White, Blue, Black, Red, Green, Lands, Artifacts & Multi-Colour (gold).

Everything will be randomized via

If you get absolutely skunked on your pulls (no hit), we will automatically add 250 points to your Brimstone Games Points Account.

You will need to have/or set up an account to be able to participate in these breaks.

We will be offering shipping Canada & US-wide! 

Happy Breaking & Good Luck. 🥳