Did You Know!? - The "Brimstone Points Program" Edition

Brimstone Points Program -

Did You Know!? - The "Brimstone Points Program" Edition

Did you know!? When you get the email saying " You've earned ___ points" you can actually put these to use to save money in the future?

Here's a quick breakdown of our Brimstone Points loyalty program:

When you sign up with your email, and make an account - 100 Brimstone Points!!

If you refer a friend, and they sign up with the link you sent them & make a purchase - 200 Brimstone Points!

Celebrate your birthday with us (by having your birthday updated on your account) - 150 Brimstone Points!

For every $1 spent (before tax) you'll receive 1 Brimstone Point.

(Be on the lookout for special points events like Double Brimstone Points events!)

What do you do with all these points!? Here's how you can redeem & spend your hard earned Brimstone Points:

$1 off coupon -100 Brimstone Points

$6 off coupon - 500 Brimstone Points

$14 off coupon -1000 Brimstone Points

$40 off coupon - 2500 Brimstone Points
$90 off coupon - 5000 Brimstone Points

All can be done via the little gift icon on the bottom right corner of your browser!

If you have any questions - feel free to email us using the 'Contact Us' tab - or you can call us at the store!


Thank you for your support, and we can't wait to see your name on your first/next order!

-Brimstone Staff