Brimstone Breaks! Clear Cut Inner!!

Brimstone Breaks! Clear Cut Inner!!

Friday March 22nd at 6 PM EST.

To get in on the break we will have an entry fee set up on our website under "Brimstone Breaks Entry" 🛒

This break will be $53.09 plus tax per spot, that will make it $59.99 taxes in.

We will be doing a full inner of 2022-2023 Clear Cut that means 15 whole boxes!

These breaks will have multiple spots available, if you purchase 3 or more spots - you will receive a 5% discount using code "Break5" at checkout.

We will be offering 32 Spots in this particular break & random assigned teams - they will be assigned via

If you get absolutely skunked on your pulls (no hit/insert), we will automatically add 250 points to your Brimstone Games Points Account.

You will need to have/or set up an account to be able to participate in these breaks.

We will be offering shipping Canada & US-wide! 🇨🇦 🇺🇸

Happy Breaking & Good Luck. 🤩