2018 Topps WWE Women's Division Wrestling Cards

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2018 Topps WWE Women’s Division Base / Inserts

Collectors can uncover the Ronda Rousey rookie card in the 100-card base set that features roster cards and key Matches & Moments. The set also has Hobby-only Blue parallels.

2018 Topps WWE Women’s Division Wrestling Cards 3

Several inserts are part of the 2018 Topps WWE Women’s Division checklist, as well, including Women's Royal Rumble and Hobby-exclusive Mixed Match Challenge.

2018 Topps WWE Women’s Division Autographs / Relics

Hits in 2018 Topps WWE Women’s Division are of the standard wrestling variety. That means a base Autographs set, which adds Blue parallels in Hobby, plus Kiss Cards, Mat Relics, and Shirt Relics, which have limited autographed versions. There are also Commemorative Championship Relic cards.