The Awkward Family Photos Vol 2

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The sequel to The Awkward Family Photos Movie Line Caption Game is here!

All the elements of an epic game night await, as players caption awkward images with comical, offbeat, dramatic and action-packed lines from hundreds of memorable movies. Many lines you’ll know and others will be new to you. The gameplay is inconceivably fun and easy…and no movie knowledge is required! Our original game debuted in early-2014 and contains 330 of the most memorable movie lines up to that point, so we turned to popular movies from 2014-2018 for the bulk of this Volume 2 edition’s movie lines and relied on some great pre-2014 movie lines to round out the content. Enjoy!

Every player is dealt eight cards featuring a movie line from one of hundreds of popular movies. One player, ‘The Critic’, picks the next Awkward Family Photos card and places the card on the table for everyone to see. All other players decide which one of their eight movie lines best captions the photo, by placing their selection facedown in the play area. ‘The Critic’ reads each card aloud and picks the movie line that he/she thinks best captions the photo in play. The player with the winning card wins the round! First player to get 10 cards win.