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Serpentine gemstone, or “precious serpentine,” was Agricola for its appearance similar to a serpent or snake. It is a stone that represents independence and freedom. The Serpentine Black Ink dice is a translucent green base with lighter green and black injected in with a micro glitter featuring a black ink which pulls out the more mysterious side of the dice.

Serpentine Black Ink – Archaic Febraury Birthstone – 7 Piece Dice Set

  • Each set comes with 7 pieces, that is the standard RPG set.
  • Packaged in a crystal clear box; it is easy to display and stack in your showcases.
  • This is the 2nd in the archaic series.

When I was designing the February Gemstone set I was thinking of all the growth and potential the those born in February represent, I also wanted the deeper swirls of the black undertows.