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AdapTableTop is a modular system that allows you to build a raised play surface without the need for an extra table - perfect when you have little space on the kitchen table, or want to keep food and drink and other accessories separate from the play area. The table consists of 6 panels (each panel measures 30 x 30 cm) that can be put together in the size you want adapted to your particular table!


  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Can be adapted to all table sizes
  • Solid, stable and monolithic
  • Modular and adjustable
  • Compact and transport-friendly
  • Two different heights
  • Supports weight up to 9 kg


The table has no screws or metal plates, which gives you the best flexibility without having to spend a lot of time setting up - and it is easy to take it down again until the next game night. Modular legs also allow you to adjust the height of the table to your liking. The box includes a QR code that gives you access to recipes for 3D printable accessories. Comes in a solid and compact carrying case.


Each module gives you the following:


  • 6x panels (30x30 cm)
  • 12x legs (6x 8cm and 6x 12cm)
  • 7x dynamic stability adapters
  • 4x board game stability adapters
  • 12x rubber knobs for legs
  • 4x multitask tool (cup holder etc)