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Presenting the first ever James Bond product from Upper Deck! The James Bond Collection Trading Card Set is a must have for the discerning James Bond Collector. The 200 Card Base Set has 3 different tiers of rarity and features stunning acetate high series parallels.

On average each box will contain two (2) Autograph cards, 1 Bond Legacy card and three (3) Foil Parallel Cards. Open up a case and you can expect eight (8) Gold Tinted Acetate Bounty Cards which can be used to obtain a rare Bounty Autograph Card by completing the 50-card Gold Tinted Acetate set!

This box contains 18 packs per box, 6 cards per pack.

> For the discerning James Bond Collector, this is a must have acquisition.
> 200 Card Base Set with 3 different tiers of rarity!
> Stunning Acetate High Series Parallels!
> Look for 2 Actor Autograph Cards per box!
> 3 Unique Inserts showcasing intriguing items, locations, and villains of the Bond Franchise!
> The Bond Legacy Insert features character cards with Acetate windows!
> One SP Base Card and Chase Card in every pack!

> 1 Bond Legacy Card
> 4 Foil Parallel Cards
> 5 Additional Hits from the following:
- Bond Vs. Villains Cards
- Q-Branch Cards
- See the World Cards
> 2 Autograph Cards