Yu-Gi-Oh Cyber Strike Structure Deck Celebration Event Entry - SATURDAY OCT 23

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The registration fee for a Structure Deck Release Celebration is $16.00
CAD in Canada (Each entrant will receive 1 structure to play with. We suggest picking up sleeves/bringing your own sleeves on the event day)

The event will run from 5 to 8 PM on Saturday October 23rd

*** Due to COVID-19 protocols, we will be capping this event at 3 rounds & prizes will be awarded by ranking in KTS software. And proof of full vaccination is required upon arriving ***

Structure Deck Release Celebration events are a day for all to become familiar with the newly released
Structure Deck: Cyber Strike at our Official Tournament Stores (OTS), and to further distinguish OTS from

One (1) Game Mat is to be distributed as a prize to the 1st place winner, after
the conclusion of the last round of Swiss, of the Structure Deck Release
Celebration tournament. The other Game Mat is to be randomly distributed
as a prize amongst players who participated in the event. The second Game
Mat cannot be awarded to a player that has already won the first Game Mat.


**Event Registration Etiquette**

Due to the very limited about of spots (16) we are only allowing 1 entry per account.
If you register, and have more then 1 entry on our order - we will refund the amount back to 1 entry.

This leaves the event open for confirmed spots, and fair to everyone else who registered properly.

Exceptions will be made for minors who do not have an account and are registering with a parent - but parents PLEASE remember to add the names of the children/minor you are registering in the notes field of the order!

You are welcome to stop by the store to register in person before the day of the event if you would rather not use the online option.

To sign up for an account please visit: