Digimon TCG Store Championship Sept 13th 2021 Event Entry - Limit 1 per person!

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Compete to become your local game store’s champion!! Join our events for exclusive 2021 Store Championship promotional items!

North American players will play to win a finals invite to this year’s championships!
Entry Fee: $25 (tax in)
*** To secure your seat in this event, please do so via the website, and follow this link:
Please remember to show up 10-15mins early, any late registrations may cause penalties.

Brimstone Games will be putting FIVE booster packs per entry into an additional prize pool on top of the listed prizes below:

Prize List
Store Championship Participant Pack x1

Store Champion Card Set x1
National Finals Invite
(For North America Only) x1

Store Championship events in 2021 give players the chance to earn their invite to the Final Championships from the safety of their friendly local gaming store. Stores have the option of running their events in person or online depending on their local restrictions.

As part of the 2021 Organized Play season, the winner of these events will progress to the Finals!

Make sure you participate to get started on your journey to the World Championships!
These Store Championship events will take place in September at your local game store!

*Finals invites are not passed down if a player already holds a Final Championship invite. 16 players must attend the event for a National Finals Invite to be granted.

*Final Invites are only awarded to North America and Europe (English Version) BCC Players. Players need the following to participate:

・The BCC App
*A BCC ID is required to participate in store tournaments.
*The BCC App is required for participation in Regional events.

Important Notice for Players in North America
It is mandatory for players to obtain a BCC ID via the following link to receive an invite: https://global.carddass.com/club/bcc/