Reopening May 22

Happy to announce we are re-opening on Friday May, 22 at noon! There are several things we need to accomplish before we will feel like we have made it as safe as we possibly can for our guests and our staff. I'll take a little time here to explain our plans and the process we intend to follow once we are re-open.

The store will be professionally cleaned and disinfected. The floor, the tables, counters, doors, handles, every inch of the bathrooms, everything we can clean. We will regularly disinfect the door handles, check-out area, credit/debit machine, and anything else that is regularly touched. Please do not handle items unless you actually have interest in them, for your own safety and others.

We are going to limit the number of guests in the store to no more than 10 at a time. The back door will be locked and everyone will have to enter and exit through the front door. If there is a time when we need to limit entries, we will form a line outside the front door. As people leave, we will admit additional guests. Please respect the personal space of other guests and employees. The goal is to keep everyone as safe as we possibly can. There will be no place to sit down. No in store game play. For the time being, we are strictly retail and we will not be hosting events or permitting social gatherings in the store until further notice. If you are coming to the store with your family, we would politely request that only 1 person per car enter the store. This is a courtesy to all the other guests that may be there. We'd prefer not to have anyone wait in line.

You will still be able to place orders on the web store. If you'd prefer curbside service to coming in the store, we will be happy to bring your order to you. Just give us a call when you're out front of the store. We will continue to offer delivery service for the rest of this month and all of June. Once the store is open again, free deliveries will only be on Tuesdays.

We will not be buying any TCG cards at this time. I simply don't believe it's a good time for anyone to be handling other peoples cards right now. We will let you know when we go back to buying single cards for all TCGs.

Our hours will be reduced. Here is the schedule we are going to use for the next little bit.

Monday 12pm-6pm
Tuesday 12pm-6pm
Wednesday 12-pm-6pm
Thursday 12pm-6pm
Friday 12pm-6pm
Saturday 12pm-6pm

Our goal is to serve our guests to the best of our ability while keeping all of you and us safe. I wish I could say that it was going to be business as usual but I think we're still quite a ways from that right now.

Be safe, be smart and we look forward to seeing you all.