MNT graded cards now available on our webstore!

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MNT graded cards now available on our webstore!

We’re very excited to announce that our graded cards sections are now visible on the webstsore! We have multiple different sections, Graded Sports Cards, Graded MTG, Graded Yugioh and Graded Theatrical Collectibles. Look for us to add Graded Pokemon and Dragon Ball Super in the future.

Should I grade my cards? This is the most common question we get when it comes to graded cards. The answer isn’t straight forward and there are different reasons people grade cards. Here are some of the benefits of grading your cards.

  • Once the card is graded and slabbed, it’s protected in it’s current state. The card will not suffer damage or fading except in extreme cases.
  • Cards with high grades typically sell for more money. You are basically increasing the sale-ability and value of your cards.
  • Graded cards come in really nice slabs with an information plaque telling you all about the card. You can read the plaque and get all the information you need about the card without having to squint at the back to find year/manufacturer/card number. Trust me when I say, this gets harder the older you get!
  • Almost every grading company assigns a serial number to each graded card and keeps them all in a searchable database. You can actually go see how many copies there are of a specific card at any given grade. This is a really valuable service when you start taking about vintage cards or cards with high grades. As a rule of thumb, the fewer there are at the highest grades, the more value those cards command.

As you browse through our graded cards sections, you will most likely notice that a very large portion of them are MNT graded. If you’re asking yourself why MNT, well let me tell you.


MNT is a newer company to the grading industry and there’s lots to like to about them. First of all, they have beautiful slabs with great information plaques. They are among my 2 favourite slabs in the industry (the other being Beckett). They have fantastic customer service with excellent turn around times. They have never not met a deadline for us. We can typically get cards sent out, graded and returned within 3 weeks. The price, seriously, the price. For $20 all in, we can have your card shipped (both ways), graded and insured.

Did I mention they’re a Canadian company located and working in Brampton, ON? This means when we send cards out for grading, we don’t have to worry about duty, taxes or international shipping. It’s also great to be able to support another Canadian business in today’s world.

We hope you enjoy browsing the graded sections and if you ever want to have your cards graded, we’re an MNT Pristine Dealer. Bring your cards in to the store and we can fill out the paperwork to get them done for you! Currently we ship orders from grading at the 1st of every month.