Information for Shining Fates Pokemon set

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Information for Shining Fates Pokemon set

We'd like to take this time to thank you all for your support during these times - lockdowns aren't fun for ANYONE, including us (we miss having you in store & participating in our events!).

We've been fielding a TON of messages, phone calls, and even had to decipher morse code (ok we're kidding) - but seriously, SO many people are excited for this set. We are asking our distributors daily, to the point they're probably getting sick of us calling.... we are trying our best to not disappoint anyone.

Our biggest fear is putting up a number, and being allocated down in product, and potentially upsetting someone who thinks they ordered *in time* and we have to go back and refund them closer to the arrival of the product.

Please, be patient with us, and ALWAYS stay on top of our pre-orders section on the website, it's your best bet to not miss a thing.